Local Spar Walmer Bridge

About Lawrence Hunt & Co Ltd

Lawrence Hunt & Co Ltd is a Lancashire based family business. The original store was the village store in Walmer Bridge, owned by Lawrence’s parents Jack and Elizabeth. Lawrence worked in this store and took over the running of it when Jack retired. He added a second store in the neighboring village of Longton and both became SPAR stores in 1956 when the brand was introduced to the UK.

In the 1980’s Lawrence became one of the first retailers to adopt SPAR’s new ‘8 till late’ opening hours, when our stores started to open in the evening and on Sundays. This became known as convenience retailing and is now widespread across all our store competitors.

The company now has grown to 27 stores, 9 Post Offices, 3 Subway outlets and employs over 500 staff. Our Head Office is in Penwortham just outside Preston above the SPAR store. This store was remodeled in 2012 to become the new SPAR UK concept store. Re-investment has always been a priority to Lawrence Hunt & Co and following on from the success and widespread acclaim Penwortham received we have remodeled 19 more to date.

Kevin Hunt, Lawrence’s son is now Managing Director following Lawrence’s retirement in 1999 and has recently been joined by his son Jack in the business making it 4 generations since the original store and something we are extremely proud of.

2016 will mark the 70th anniversary of the original Walmer Bridge store.


About SPAR

SPAR is the world’s largest international food retail chain with over 12,000 stores in 36 countries and was founded in Holland in 1932 by Mr Adriaan van Well. SPAR was introduced to the UK in 1956. The business is made up of five wholesale members and employs over 50,000 people, servicing more than 2,400 stores, with a turnover in excess of £3 billion. SPAR is a ‘symbol’ group, which means individual SPAR members retain their independence but enjoy the advantages of belonging to a global brand. SPAR members reap the benefits of being part of a large international organisation with collective buying and marketing power, a strong corporate image and impressive back-up resources.


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